If you are on your GAP year, or are taking some time out after graduating from university, then doing volunteer work in another country can be very rewarding and challenging and looks great on your application! We've listed some of the many international volunteering opportunties below.

Unite for Sight

Unite For Sight is a US-based charity that empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness. Local and visiting volunteers work with partner eye clinics to provide eye care in communities without previous access, with the goal of creating eye disease-free communities. Additionally, vision screening and education programs are implemented worldwide by volunteers working in ninety chapters established at universities in North America, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

To find out more about volunteering programmes available, and to apply, please click here

OrphanAid Africa

Quoting from their website: "Volunteer in an orphanage in Ghana. Orphanage Africa welcomes volunteers at the Orphanage Africa Children's Home and community village in order to help improve the conditions and provide much needed stimulus for the children.

Our volunteer program selects motivated individuals to help out in our children's home and community village, where we need help. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals with a sincere inspiration to help those in need in Ghana, especially orphaned children."

To find out more, visit the OrphanAid Africa Website.

KIDS Worldwide

KIDS Worldwide helps to organise placements for international volunteers to get involved in over twenty childrens projects located in developing countries around the world. These projects are managed by organisations registered in the country in which they work.

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Volunteer Africa

Volunteer Africa is an international 'not for profit' organisation that is run by a team of volunteers spread around the world. Volunteer Africa has been established to give people from around the world the opportunity to work on community initiated projects in developing countries. In return for hosting these international volunteers the host organisation receives donations from the volunteers.

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Medical Projects organise hospital work experience and university preparation courses. Find out more.