The UKCAT is the most widely accepted entrance exam for medical schools in the UK.

It is currently used by 26 of the 31 British medical schools and most people decide to sit it before they apply. See the list of medical schools on the UKCAT site. This list is regularly updated, however please check your chosen university directly for their entry requirements for your course before booking a test.

You can normally register for the test from May to September in the year you apply. You can take the test between July and October (there are many different dates to choose from). Check this year’s official dates on the UKCAT site.


UKCAT Preparation

The test is designed to measure intelligence or aptitude rather than knowledge. Therefore, in theory you do not need to revise for it. In reality however, many people do some preparation before hand.

You can get access to some preparation material for free and it is important to note that you can pass without having to pay for additional practice material. We do not endorse any revision material or prep courses (and neither do UKCAT themselves). Below are some of the resources available.

Free online Official UKCAT practice questions
The official UKCAT website provides advice and a free practice test to help you know what to expect.
On Examination
This site has 5 free sample questions for you to try. You can also pay for more (see below).
Online tests UPO (UKCAT Practice Online)
This site has over a thousand practice questions and has had some good reviews from previous users. It costs £85 to register.
On Examination
This site has more than 200 practice questions and costs between £26 and £41, for between one month and three months access.


This page was last updated on February 2014