Medical School Interview Tutoring

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Why should you choose us for Medical School Interview Tutoring?

As the leading medical education website in the UK – our teaching is trusted by thousands of students each day.

Our bespoke sessions will be entirely tailored to suit your personal requirements and can cover:

  • Types of interviews – MMI or Panel
  • Types of questions asked at Medical School Interviews
  • Identifying strengths and how to best use these
  • Identifying weaknesses and how to address these
  • Using work experience and volunteering in answers
  • Body language analysis
  • Language analysis
  • How to build confidence on the day


Want expert help with your Medical School Interview?

Medical school interviews can be scary and intimidating, but with technique improvement, self-reflection and practice you can ace any medical school interview.

Our UK doctors have been through this process and help hundreds of students each year prepare for their interviews. Our trusted guidance takes students through a range of self-reflective tasks to draw out each students strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are used to form the basis of answers, weaknesses are addressed and technique is evaluated.

Students are assigned a UK doctor as a mentor and sessions are hourly and delivered over Skype. We normally recommend 3 a minimum of 3 hours interview coaching.


Upon purchase, you will be emailed within 48 hours, once we have assigned you a tutor.


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