Hello and welcome to Medschools Online, a free online resource for Medical students and applicants.
On this site you can find information related to all UK medical schools, guidance and advice on the UKCAT, GAMSAT and BMAT entrance exams, and forums for you to meet and talk with like-minded individuals.
There are many paths your career in medicine may take, but they all have to start somewhere.

What is MedSchools Online

Since first launching in 2004 MedSchools Online has established itself as one of the most visited and linked to resource sites for assisting prospective applicants, students and medical professionals in the UK. We are currently aligning ourselves to build on this excellent foundation and further promote work experience and career opportunities for medical students and new graduates.

Providing information on medical schools, entrance exams and the application process, we are here to help you every step of the way and are also looking for ways to provide a more encompassing service to our readers.

Why Does The Site Keep Changing?
  • Site Development

    Regular users may have noticed that the website has undergone a lot of cosmetic change in the last month. We are currently working hard to refresh the website and it’s usability for our visitors and also enable us to add new function.

    Having done away with the previous forum, we are keen to create a new thriving environment to enable like minded people to communicate with others and to discuss ideas and tactics on how to increase their chances of a successful application to medical schools

    In addition to this you will hopefully soon see services that will help you find your dream career in the medical industry and provide valuable work experience to build your portfolio.

    We would like to thank each and every one of our visitors for showing us how worthwhile this site is and why it needed updating, and hope that you take away from this site some useful knowledge to assist you.

  • Forums

    The more eagle eyed may have also noticed a new forum software running on www.medschoolsonline.co.uk/forums which is very much in its inception phase.

    Please do get involved and talk about your experiences with your application so far, and ask what you may be doing to further yourself. With your help we can create a bustling atmosphere for applicants and students to give first hand views and guidance on the process.