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Funding and scholarships for medical school

Students who live in the UK and are applying to university for the first time there are student loans that cover course fees and some living costs. This varies depending on whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. For students trying to understand how student loans work here is a simple video that covers all of the basics. 

It is important you understand medicine is a longer course than most courses at university and therefore the total student loan will be higher, but don't let this put you off. Student loans are paid back gradually over time and medicine has a relatively high salary rate, especially when you progress to the later of the career path.

How much does medical school cost?

We have calculated the cost of a medical school degree for a first time UK student studying a 5 year medical degree, studying outside of London, with a household income of £50,000. Please note these are estimates and your actual living costs etc will vary, these are to be used as a guide only.








Tuition / Student Loan







Maintenance Loan








  • These are the 2018/19 student loan amounts. Please note the maintenance loans will vary on your specific circumstances.

  • You will also see in years 4 and 5 the maintenance loan drops, as these are more clinical heavy so you spend less time at university and more time in the hospital.

  • The main costs you need to think about with your maintanice loan are rent and living costs (food, transport, social life etc).

This is an estimate based on the above example. If you wish to check the exact maintenance grant you would be eligible for you can complete the Student Finance Calculator

Scholarships and funding options

There are also a number of organisations that offer financial support to certain groups of medical students. The list below is not exhaustive so it's worth searching the internet for other options.

Foulkes Foundation Fellowships The Foulkes Foundation offers grants to people studying medicine following a PhD in a science subject.

Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust This trust provides grants to students who are over 24 years old and have already done a degree.

Gilchrist Educational Trust This trust provides grants to students in the later part of their course who find themselves in severe financial difficulty. It also provides funding for people who study abroad for part of their course.

The Frank Buttle Trust This organisation provides funding for 16-21 year olds facing severe social, emotional or health problems, to help them through education (e.g. people who are estranged from their family / adopted or fostered / caring for an ill relative etc).

The Leathersellers' Company This organisation offers funding to students who are undertaking a second degree.

The Elizabeth Nuffield foundation This foundation offers funding to women who have young children or who care for a sick or disabled relative, undertaking a degree for the first time.

Professional Classes Aid Council This council provides financial support to medical students who have planned funding for their degree but their funding arrangements have 'broken down'.

The Grundy Educational Trust This trust provides funding for students studying medicine as a second degree at certain universities.

MacLoghlin and Morris Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to medical students who are facing severe financial hardship.

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Medical Projects organise hospital work experience and university preparation courses. Read more about    Hospital Work Experience.

Medical Projects organise hospital work experience and university preparation courses. Read more about Hospital Work Experience.